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Wolfe Creek Series

Wolfe Creek is a place with a zero percent divorce rate because wolves mate for life. Most meet their mates by the time they are twenty-five. The Alpha is already thirty-two and still unmated. Unrest is starting to rise in both him and his pack. Something’s got to give.

Hunter is on the prowl, searching for his mysterious nightly lover. She has to be his mate, but he can’t find her anywhere. He’s well past his breaking point, and needs to find her before he loses his mind.

Catherine Kinney is struggling to get by from day to day with no job or money. She was doing well in school and work until she started dreaming of him. Damn him and his beautiful blue eyes, she thought.

Both of them thought they were going crazy. They developed a love/hate relationship for sleep. Would they ever find peace?
Just when they feel like there’s no hope, fate steps in and brings them together.

But what happens when you get what you ask for and then some?

Can they handle the passion that engulfs them both? Especially when they can feel each other’s emotions.


Falling in love isn’t something wolf shifters do with just anyone. They have only one mate for life. So what is wrong with Chloe Grey? As a twenty-three-year-old female shifter she’s already past her mating prime when she scents Erik Smith, the local sheriff. While she’s attracted to him her mating instincts don’t kick in. Are her instincts off or is he not meant for her?

From the moment they met, Erik can’t stop loving the Alpha’s sister. Seeing Chloe has become a must, but he knows the pain of watching her find her mate will kill him. He’s torn between staying or moving on away from Wolfe’s Creek.

The unbearable reality of an impossible future together forces them to snip at each other’s throats. By the time Wolfe’s Den opens up, both of them are at their breaking point. Can they be wrong about their feelings or will fate step in and make things right?

“I hate you!” she shouted every night in Kane Holt’s dreams. His reaction was the same, shifting into his wolf, raging with pain and confusion. He had no idea who this woman was and why she hated him. All he knew was that he needed her and would do anything to find her.

Months of dreaming and nothing changed. He was at his limit. How was he supposed to find her when he couldn’t make it past the pain? Sleepless nights were never ending and effecting his every day responsibilities. With a simple and inconsequential decision to visit friends changed everything. On a big TV there was his mate, the lovely Miss Denney. He ran to Hollywood in search of his other half and nothing was going to stop him.

Would he get her to change his mind or would she still tell him to leave?

The ticking of the clock seemed to move slower when you had to wait for what you wanted.

Gage Grey was the last of the Grey siblings to hit mating age. And he was suffering as much as they had. Why did fate make him wait for the one? She was inches from him all the time, but he couldn’t hold her like he dreamed about.

Even as a little girl Arabella Holt knew Gage was hers. Since she grabbed his hand and crowned him her prince, her heart understood the truth. They were mates. Then why the wait? She was ready to pull her hair out. At the stroke of midnight, the wait would be over…but life was never that simple.

Insta-love, fated mates, virgins…what else do you need?

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