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Nathaniel James Hendricks Jr. —I was dealt a shitty hand when my parents died and left me in charge of my younger sister, but I still made it to the top. The problem was there was always someone trying to take your place. The sabotage did do me one favor. It led her to me. Jessica was a surprise, but not a welcome one. The problem was it didn’t matter, I had to have her come hell or high water.

Jessica McNeil—Losing my mother had taken a toll on me, but I needed to move on. I had to find a new job even if it meant lying and it worked. Surprisingly landing a kick ass position without a background check was simple as hell. But there was a reason for it…Nate Hendricks…my playboy boss…and my undoing.

Layla Hendricks has lived a life free of worry since her older brother sacrificed his freedom and youth to care for her. Now in her first year of college, Layla tries to make him proud. That is until she makes a big mistake. It leaves her heartbroken and ashamed. She betrayed her big brother.

John Moriarty just happened to find the woman of his dreams while walking down one of New York City’s busy streets. He knows she a lot younger than him, but he knew that nothing compared to the way she made him feel.

Everything was great until he landed back home in Chicago. Then the woman he wanted to be his wife vanished into thin air, leaving him determined to find her and tell him why she pulled a runner.

When he finds her at dinner with his biggest rival, nothing will stop him from taking back what’s his. Not even if she’s carrying his sleazy, man-whore enemy’s baby.

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Falling Hard New Cover.jpg

Adrian— Erica came into my gym, taking advantage of the free trial we offered, but I was the one itching to take advantage of her for life. I wanted her from the second I saw her, and I’d do anything to make it happen. 

Erica— I only signed up for a free trial so I could meet a complete stranger that caught my attention as he walked into the gym. It was crazy and wild, but every day my obsession grew. My free trial was almost done when we finally met. Adrian Greco owned the gym and me and made sure I knew it. 

This is a steamy-sweet read. 
The couple made a brief appearance in Falling for the Boss.

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