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When the woman of your dreams is already with someone who doesn’t deserve her what can you do? What happens when that someone is your

Devin Williams is in a terrible position. He’s fallen for his brother’s girlfriend, and he knows she feels something for him too. Can he get past the gut wrenching feeling of seeing them together? Or will he let his desire get the best of him?

Blossom Brooklyn Bennett has had the roughest month of her life. She lost her parents, her job and soon her home. Her only option is to depend on a man who already betrayed her, and it’s a foolish decision. She’s left in the lurch at the airport. Taking the train, she meets a man a girl could only dream about. There’s just one problem—her ex.

Connie: I’m losing it. I’ve done the one of the most insane thing in the world. I fell in love with an unconscious man. Who does this? I mean he’s good looking despite being near death, but he hasn’t said a word to me.

David: She’s my angel. I hear her voice in my dreams. I may not know who I am, but I know she’s mine.

You first meet David and Connie in Keeping Blossom.

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