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Formerly Holiday Knockout

Of all the people…

Why does she have to be related to him?

Daniel Miller entered the Octagon years ago, and he’s remained undefeated until he meets a true knockout artist. She takes him by surprise and lands a one-two punch on his heart. Now to make the vixen see that she belongs with him—even if he has to pin her down and make her submit.

Why does he have to be a barbaric, handsome beast?

Sammie Morris learned a long time ago that a man can ruin you with charm and demand obedience, beating it out of you if necessary. She refuses to step into her mother’s shoes and be another woman falling for a brute, but there’s just something about Daniel that she can’t erase from her mind, body, and soul.


Roxie had gone with the flow, hanging out with her brother’s friends, who became an extended family to her. With everyone falling head over heels around her, she carried on working two jobs and letting the time pass. Roxie never expected to capture the attention of an insanely hot billionaire. Heart racing, body pulsing, she gives in to him and his promise of forever, but by the next month, she knew he was full of it. Her happily ever after wasn’t coming...or so she thought….

Watching his hotel monitors, Emiliano Martín never expected to find what he’d been searching for. Someone who called to him like no one else like a siren beckoning a wary sailor. His siren’s gaze landed on the camera, and he was done for. Nothing could stop him from having her as his wife. Or so he thought…

roxie ebook.jpg
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