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What happens when:
• your brother rashly goes to Vegas and is going to marry a stranger?
• you meet a beautiful woman on your way to stop him and have thoughts of following in his footsteps?
• she happens to be the daughter of your brother’s bride?

What happens when:
you meet the hottest man around and he’s your new uncle?
you can’t resist him?
he dares you to ‘Say Uncle, again?’

A taste:
“Angel, you’re so perfect,” I breathed. My eyes never left hers as she came up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist and placed her cheek on my spine. The feelings of completion engulfed me.

“Thank you, Uncle Dean,” she said sweetly.

“Did you just say uncle?” I asked menacingly, and I felt her smile on my back. This woman was too much.

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