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A tale tells of a baby girl being born from a vampire and his human bride. She would be the sign that all would never be the same again. The wars would come to a bloody end and they would rule in peace.

Three hundred years of waiting for an answer to their problem had worn on the soul of Falcon Lombardi and that of his best friend Draco Romano. The pain and guilt of the past etched in their hollow hearts. Both men spent their lives working to make things right, however nothing had truly changed in all that time. Disillusioned and left empty, neither of them expected the end of the dark to come from a trip to the theater.

How could something so twenty-first century fix the woes of a seventeenth century curse?

The Lamian War continues…

As the war rages on, Falcon cannot forgive or forget what has happened to Nora. He will do all he can to end this madness and make Stavros pay.

But just as he thinks the attack on Nora was about the worst he could do, The Lamian Leader has many tricks up his dark sleeves. Heads will roll and bodies will become ash as the battles grow.

Follow Falcon and Draco as they fight for their love and the world’s fate.

The end is near. Will the prophecy be fulfilled? Can The Lamia be defeated?

Follow our heroes and their exceptional mates as they chase a dream while fighting the enemy tooth and nail. With part of the prophecy realized, lines between friends and foes will be blurred.

Can Falcon and Draco protect their people as well as the rest of the world from Stavros and his endless supply of followers?

Find out in the final installment of The Lamian Wars.

Book I: Bound

Book II: Reveal


The couple at the center of it all!

Meeting the one is all a vampire craves. Once she becomes his nothing else matters but her happiness.

Dietrich is over a hundred years old, and still hasn't found his mate. A masquerade ball could change it all.

Evelyn has lived in her gilded cage since she was born, finding a life seemed near impossible until she saw those deep blue eyes hidden behind that mask.

This is a fast-paced short, sweet, and sexy PNR story.

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