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The Middleton Hotel Series

Building and owning hotels is what Jacob Middleton and his brothers do. Hearing of a possible build up north, Jake headed on up. Checking into the only hotel in the small town, he comes face to face with his forever. 

Harley Miller had no real goals other than to make a living and carry on. With mediocre grades and no plans for the immediate future, she never expected someone like Jacob Middleton to stop in and make promises to her. 

Follow Jake and his Harley on the path of romance, sex, and hotels as they build a future together. 

Joseph Middleton is the eldest of the brothers and acted like it. There were no women, only work. Yet, all it took was one look at Rachael Harrison to ruin all his plans. He wanted to own her, body and soul, but he owned the hotel. He wanted to claim her, but that wasn’t a smart move. And Joseph Middleton prided himself on smart moves. 

Rachael Harrison was immediately attracted to Joseph Middleton to the point of fantasizing about him while she was supposed to be working. Her day dreaming must have caught her supervisor’s notice because suddenly she called in the big boss to observe the hotel, particularly her. And he doesn’t seem to like what he sees in his hotel—starting with her. 

Sparks fly as they try to avoid each other. The heated tension escalates to the boiling point.

Julian Middleton: I was here to do a favor for my brother. I never expected I’d owe him a lifetime more. She walked through the door looking scared and she should be because I have no intention of talking business tonight.

Morgan Strong: I was here doing a favor for my sister. I had no idea it was all in my favor. By the end of the meeting mixing business with pleasure was his intent, but she couldn’t risk her job or her heart.

Can Julian convince her that he wants more than a designing contract?

What happens when the one you want appears at the wrong time? 

You wait.

What happens when you didn't get her information?

You hope.

What happens when fate steps in?

You hold tight and don't let go.

Warning: 18+ graphic sexual content

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