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Needing to pass her Math class after years of attempts, Alexa coaxes her sister into taking the exam for her. All she has to do is fill in as the assistant for Alyssa’s jerk boss. It should be easy since they’re twins, but Alexa’s nothing like her sister in personality. The second they meet their attraction is hard to ignore. Alexa knows that she can’t keep the secret for long because Mr. King does something to her mind and body that no one else has.

Can she fool Mr. King into believing she’s Alyssa, or will he catch on to their little ruse?

She's not who she's pretending to be, and he knows it.
The question is...
What is he going to do about his little cheater?

He can't stop her from leaving the class without drawing attention, so he'll have to find another way to get her alone. Luckily, he has all the information at his fingertips, and soon he'll have a lot more in his hands.

This is a super short story about twin sisters switching places.

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Hailey: He owns the coffee shop, so I need to stop fantasizing that he comes here to see me. In fact, he’s never spoken to me other than to order his coffee. I just can’t get over the way he sits in the corner of the shop a couple times a week slowly sipping his hot, black coffee and staring at me with intent. Why? I don’t know. I should be concerned that he’s like a lion stalking his prey, but all I can think of is stalk me, please.

James: I watch her every chance I get. When the time’s right, she will be mine. With every smile she tosses at a male customer, the angrier I get. Buying the shop, installing extra cameras, and visiting twice a week does nothing to calm the need to claim her for my own. She’s going to think I’m crazy, but really, I’m determined.

The room freezes as their eyes connect. Hearts racing, thoughts run wild as the predator eyes his prey. And like a flash in a bottle, it’s over. The blonde beauty makes her escape from him while Dean gives chase. Will he catch his elusive beauty before she’s fled the gala?

She can’t believe she’s falling for her boss. In a panic, she flees before he can stake the claim he had dancing in his honey-colored eyes. She has to quit, but when she sees her boss again that momentary attraction’s gone. Confused and worried about her career, Nancy is ready to run when in walks a sexy surprise…a twin.

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