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Book 1

—Natalie Cromwell is an unassuming, and intelligent beauty and soon-to-be college grad.
—Cameron James is a hot, hardworking, and wealthy businessman.

Their lives crossed paths purely by chance. Visiting his sister in school, Cam sees Nat and instantly realizes that she's the one. Natalie on the other hand is very interested, but skeptical. Time and distance tear apart their relationship, just as she believed it would, but she didn't realize that Cam wouldn't give up.
"It still galled me that she was with someone else. I wondered if they’d been together before the party and were just coming out again as a couple. Either way, it really didn’t matter—she was mine. Nobody was going to take her from me.

Tonight, she’d have the ring to prove it. I’d just picked it up that afternoon of the accident. It was a four-carat solitaire diamond with a platinum band. When you looked at the ring, it looked like a normal huge rock, but it was the inscription that mattered: No choice, you’re stuck with me."

Book 2

Simon James doesn't get serious with women because work takes priority, but what happens when a bubbly blonde bounces into his life? He must have her and no amount of running away is going to stop him from claiming what's his.

Emmy Watts had no intention of falling in love with a stranger at first sight, but that's the best thing about love. It strikes us unexpectedly. She falls head over heels for him, but when she sees how different their backgrounds are she feels unworthy of him and his lifestyle. Like a thief in the night she sneaks away, but will that stop Simon? No because for her there's no way out.

Book 3

Tim Russell had no idea what his life would have in store when he agreed to pick up his boss’s little sister, but the instant the photo hit his phone he quickly learned.

Vanessa James didn’t want to go home for the holidays, but she missed her family. When her brother tells her that he can’t get her at the airport, but he’s sending his head of security she didn’t really care. That’s until…Cam sends a picture of the man who’s going to pick her up. He’s a beast of a man. Tim’s tall and built like a wall.

Losing her mind and body on the plane, Vanessa realizes she’s crushing hard on the giant man in the photo.
Sparks fly immediately, but issues arise in the form of time, distance, and an older brother.

Follow Vanessa and Tim’s journey to love and happily ever after.

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