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O'Connell Family Series

Book 1

*New Cover*

When Samantha Lake met Rick O'Connell in a beauty salon, sparks flew, and her body came to life.


Rick didn't know that when he walked into his sister's salon that he would be hit with his family's affliction for love.


The redheaded tomboy with an attitude, needed to be tamed and claimed, and he was jus the guy to do it.  An astute business man, Rick wastes no time, claiming her as his and getting rid of the competition.

Book 2

Claire O’Connell is an extremely young, hardworking, and successful salon owner. She has amassed a great deal of her success due to her family support and her unwillingness to be second best to anyone. The problem comes when she’s overtaxed and needs help. Who better to rely on, but your friends who work for her?

Travis Williams is a Federal Agent who meets the woman of his dreams purely by mistake. There’s one big problem, she’s the daughter of the family he investigated in his rookie year. However, to him, she is worth being related to a crook. From their first date life-threatening events are at every turn.

The only way to keep her safe is to work with the enemy.

Book 3

Trust is hard to build once it's broken and so is confidence.

Abby Williams has trust issues so strong that even her feelings for Ethan aren't enough.

Ethan O'Connell has had his heart stolen by Ms. Williams. He'll do anything to prove it, no matter how long it takes.

Can she see that he's the real deal?

This story is short and sweet.

Book 4

Rick and Red (Samantha) are back in a Valentine's Day misunderstanding.


Marriage can be hard when there's a lack of communication. But no matter what's wrong with the marriage, Rick isn't going to let his wife walk away. He just needs to set things straight and love her the way she's meant to be. 

(Their original story is Claiming Red.)

Buy the first 2 books together here!

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