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Brent McCartney needed a vacation, and it was about time that he got to take one. Working hard all these years had finally paid off. A trip to paradise was what he needed, but he never expected to find paradise in a petite, sexy, but broken beauty. There would be nothing he wouldn't do to keep her and give her the life she deserves.

Alana Cole has been through hell. This was the last straw. She wasn't going to be her stepfather's pawn anymore. There was no way she was going to marry a complete stranger just like her captor. Enough was enough. She stared out to the ocean waves thinking about her plans when everything changed. Brent came out of nowhere and promised the world in paradise.

Was he for real or was she just falling into a trap?


Trent Davenport isn’t your average rich playboy. He may have wealth, but what he doesn’t have is patience—for people which includes the opposite sex. Loving his solitude, Trent was taken by surprise with his need to possess his new neighbor.

Lily Mason’s life is in transition. Moving in with her father and his wife and kids, she’s regretting the decision immediately. Per her father’s bidding, she knocks on the rumored curmudgeon’s door.

Knock. Knock.

Expecting to be snarled at, she was surprised to see a beast of different kind. The man answered the door with just a towel around his waist and a smirk across his chiseled face. Running scared, she leaves before she can be locked away.

Trent loses the opportunity to trap her in his old mansion when she flees, but he’s not giving up. Because once he gets her in his home, he’s never letting her out.

Their love is instant and explosive.

His brother's shotgun wedding has an Italian Lord ticked to no end and nothing or no one can change his attitude to the woman's family. That is until he meets the wedding guest that changed everything.


She couldn't believe her cousin was marrying a stranger. That was nuts of course. Well that was crazy until she met his arrogant jerk of a brother.


This is a short, sexy story. Just perfect for an afternoon delight.

Mrs. Valentine.jpg

Aaron Cupid and his lovely wife Ella opened up a business for matchmaking. The thing is...there’s no one better than them at it and they know it. When love needs a push you can be sure to find them in relentless pursuit. Their latest love pair have no idea what’s in store for them.

Sebastian Valentine has had it with women and their desire to become Mrs. Valentine. When he hears Valentine’s Day mentioned he wants to shout out his disgust with a fake holiday.

Kaylee Anderson loves shoes, so she decides to work in a shoe store. A “chance” encounter with a wealthy beautiful blonde woman leads Kaylee to a night of mingling and falling for her Valentine.

You’ve met Titan in Dirty Lessons. Now spend the holidays with him and his itty-bitty elf.

With Christmas around the corner, Paige needed money. Her brother screwed her so royally that she was forced to take a last-minute gig as a store elf. She hated the job because her costume was two sizes too small and she looked like she belonged on the cover a dirty magazine not handing out candy canes to kids.

With Christmas around the corner, Titan needed to get some gifts for his favorite people, his best friend Jake and his family. Going to the mall seemed like the best idea and he’d been right on the money. What he didn’t know was that he was getting a special gift for himself—a little, sexy elf.

When two people see each other across a crowded mall and one is a caveman alpha, sparks will fly and panties will drop.
Join Titan and Paige for a sexy romp under the Christmas tree.
***Includes Dirty Lessons (Hot for Teacher Anthology) & a short story Learning Christmas

When life leaves you scarred...

Dexter Price hadn’t been the same since the day he lost his family and became scarred. Living with physical and emotional scars made him the angry loner that he was. Never thinking of a future with a family, he worked his life away...until one of his morning...

Elena Collins had her own scars that left her distant and all alone. A run in the park changed everything. After being knocked down by a careless bicyclist, she received a helping hand up from a man who she only knew from afar, but who had an important part to play in her past.

Their scars kept them from others, but brought them together. Can how they got them tear them apart?

Dante Franchetti starts plotting the moment he finds out that his cousin, visiting from Seattle, Tony Franchetti has been shot in the leg by a rival crime boss, Michael Flanagan. Seeking revenge, Dante's men kidnap Michael Flanagan's only daughter, Diana Flanagan. It's only fair considering she's the cause of the attack on Tony Franchetti and deserves her fate.


Sweet Regan Daley arrives in Chicago to visit her abrasive American cousin Diana. Leaving her parents and boyfriend behind in Ireland, she never expected to be accidentally kidnapped and mistaken for Diana Flanagan.


Taking the bait, Dante knows the Irish beauty tied to the chair before him isn't Flanagan's daughter. Dante doesn't care. He's keeping her, even though he knows she's going to be nothing but trouble.

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