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Henry and Gretchen had no idea the other existed until that one fateful day. It changed their lives forever, but at a cost of losing each other.

Henry will do anything he can to find the missing piece of his heart.

Gretchen hasn't forgotten her hero and never will.
Can they find a way to each other or with their love be lost forever?

Diego Lopez is in pursuit of his mate, Diana Bacon. Follow them as Diego attempts to hold his body under control until the next full moon. Once the moon is here there will be nothing stopping him from kicking in her door and claiming her for his own. No brick houses will keep him out.
This time the big bad wolf wins…

Another wickedly delicious twist on a childhood classic. I wonder if there’s something a bit wrong about messing with children’s books, but alas, I’m not stopping there. More to come…

My Prince Charming.jpg

Evil Stepmother? Check.
Wicked Stepsisters? Check.
Dead father? Check.
Endless Chores? Check.
Handsome prince to rescue me? I hope so!
I have become Cinderella. However instead of dirt, the smell of grease lingers on me as the abuse sends me to the hospital and into the arms, quite literally, of Dr. Edward Prince. Will he rescue me or am I delusional from the blood loss?

This is another over the top Steele Fairy Tale where fiction meets fantasy. Where passion ignores logic and happily ever afters are a must.

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