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Kane Family Series

Book 1

All Spencer wanted was some quiet peaceful time away to cope with his issues.


All Rose wanted was to spend the holidays with someone who cared.


Neither expected someone's plotting could change their world for the better.

Book 2

Reed Landry and Danielle Kane want each other. Despite her concerns, she lets her inhibitions melt away in Sin City.
Waking up in Vegas can be problematic especially when it’s with the man your family dislikes and distrusts. Running away, Danielle can’t keep everything hidden in Vegas.

Reed isn’t going to let his runaway woman get away from him forever. He refuses to let her spend Christmas without him, even if it means walking into a houseful of Kane men and claiming his Danielle.

Their relationship is a surprise for the family, but Danielle’s got a special surprise for Reed as well.

Book 3

Two years ago, Matthew Kane lost a girl to his brother. His pride was wounded and nothing seemed to bring it back to its natural brilliance. It was the holiday season and it looked like life was about to repeat itself for the second time, but this time more than pride was involved. He fell in love with her. Candice Nichols walked into his life and into his brother’s office. Now, he had to watch the romance bloom right in fro...nt of him. Unable to deal with it, he ran away from the office and to the family cabin to drink the holidays away.

Candice Nichols never thought she would fall in love, but she did. The problem was Mr. Kane was in love with someone else. How could she ask him to love her? She needed this job, but she would have to find a new one. She would tell Ryan that after the holidays she was gone. It could ruin her chances for a future job, but she couldn’t love him and watch him love another.

What happens when Matt and Candice get stuck in a winter storm? Can she fall in love with him and become his Candy Kane?

This is the entire series from start to finish! Get your hands on The Kanes!

The eighties were well before technology became life. Dating wasn’t a swipe left kind of thing. It was chance encounters, exchanged numbers on pieces of paper, and waiting by the telephone so you didn’t miss a call.
And yet…Richard Kane still found his forever in Rachael and didn’t let her go.

Come see how the Kane boys and the one Kane princess came to be.

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