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Friends and Family Series

Book 1
Wanting It All is now available on ALL Platforms!

This is the re-release of the original Wanting it All. Including In for a Surprise.

Sarah and Michael meet for the first time at her aunt's party and the tension could be cut with a knife. The attraction is high between them; however there are obstacles in their way.
Michael was born on the streets of Sicily and grew to make something of himself. Until Sarah Owen entered his life he thought he was doomed to sparse bed partners and no true happiness. Now he wants it all, the house, the career and most importantly the family, and Sarah the key to making it happen.

Book 2

Both Ryan and Stacy had bad relationships in the past. They let it guide their future. It takes an acquaintance to make it better.


This is a complete story based on characters from both "In For A Surprise" and "Wanting It All".

Book 3

David Montgomery owns his own software and database company in Chicago, making money, hand over fist. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. That is until he is blindsided by the beauty on a horse. While attending his sister's wedding, to a man he didn't really know or trust, David meets the Cowgirl, Evelyn Elliot.

Evie, as she is called at home, can't believe the reaction she is having to this city boy. She has no intention of leaving the ranch or her horses for a life in the crowded noisy city with a man who will just abuse her and her trust. What is a girl to do when her heart is split in two?

Book 4

Benjamin Elliot, Jr. is a hard working cowboy on his family ranch. The eldest of the Elliot's he has taken over the reins and is managing the ranch and trying to manage the lovely little neighbor.

Kara McCain was visiting her cousin when she spotted the handsome sweaty cowboy. She wants to be more like the people who saved her rather than the mother that birthed her. Which means she has to make something of her education and herself.

Can a city girl with dreams of being somebody handle a strong willed old-fashioned cowboy who thinks a woman's place is in the house?

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