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Jackson had his life just the way he wanted until his latest legal case had him personally involved.

Elizabeth had her world turned upside when her father disappeared and is now on a rollercoaster ride with her hot lawyer boyfriend.

As far as Zoey Blake was concerned Mike was her brother's lackey, a gorgeous lackey, but a lackey no less. He was a giant pain in the rear and puts the 'bear' in overbearing. She had always been seen as the daughter of William Blake and the sister of the handsome Jackson Blake. She was afraid she would never find anyone that saw her for herself. Now she had two guys that were vying for the real Zoey.

Mike had been through a war, on and off American soil, but nothing was more difficult to face than a war with his mind and heart. Common sense said to stay away from her because she is his friend/client's baby sister, but when had common sense ever played a part when love and lust were involved.

Can he overcome his conscience and take what’s his? Can she let the go of her fear being used for her name and give her heart to the lovable brute?

Milo had been stabbed in the back before when he was a special agent with the FBI. It nearly cost him his life. As partners you depended on each other to protect you. What happens when the person who you trusted tries to get you killed?


Milo hasn't trusted anyone, but Mike and Duke since that incident. He had no choice, but to retire. Then, in walks the lovely and suspicious April. Using only his emotions, he lets her in only to find she tells him one lie after another.

April Monroe is running from a secret that has her looking over her shoulder at every turn. When she started at the Blake mansion she thought she could hide amongst the trees and plain security clothes, but she was sorely mistaken.

Her natural beauty and her fear were obvious to some, but most of all to Milo, one of Jackson Blake's personal security guards.
Once he finds out the truth can he forgive her? Will April be able to get away from her past for good?

Caleb James was a brilliant partner in a law firm who was as ethical as they come. However things change when he and one of the other partners, Jackson Blake interview the lovely Italian beauty, Sophia Rinaldi.

Sophia Rinaldi was a down on her luck when it came to making her career prosper. She followed her dreams to America despite the lack of support from her parents. She wanted to prove that she was an independent woman and didn't need marriage to be a priority.

The moment she stepped into the conference room, she realized that marriage to a man like Caleb wasn't sounding too bad.

Now Caleb would do anything to cross the line.

After retiring from the military, Duke Wyatt opened a security firm with two of his war buddies. Instead of being behind a weapon, he now spent most of his days behind a computer, cracking firewalls and exposing secrets. His latest assignment actually takes him to a law office where he meets the woman who he can’t break.

Miranda Russell has spent her entire life trying to please her father. With no other children, Miranda became the son he never had, which meant following him in his footsteps and becoming a district attorney. What Miranda could never have imagined was falling for a bodybuilding private investigator. But pleasing her father became more important than pleasing herself. Which meant she couldn’t date until she was already a lawyer. One more year and she would be ready for the bar exam.

Will Duke break down her walls? Or will Miranda prove to be unbreakable?

WARNING: This story is full of love, violence, dirty sex, and bombings.

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