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Book Three



He needs his solitude to meet his deadline, which looms ever closer as the days fly off the calendar. Bennett heads to his cabin to get the words down. There’s only one little problem; some people have invaded his privacy, and that’s just unacceptable. So they all have to go…save one.

Darcy’s doing her first couples photoshoot, and her nerves are on edge. Finally, they reach Bennett Lake, which is spectacular and peaceful until the sound of growling catches her attention. Only it’s no bear or wild animal. It’s a man with beautiful grey eyes that don’t look pleased.

Before anyone knows what’s going on, Darcy’s over the brute’s shoulder like she’s payment for the trespassing. Everyone else scatters like the wind, leaving her to stare at his tightly fitted jeans as he carries her away.


The memories of your childhood can haunt you as an adult, and Roman wasn't any different. Yes, he had money, he had the looks, the dream career, but what he didn't have was women.
Then along came a pretty little stepsister who just forces him to change his ways. Can he?

Or will the weight of the past ruin any chance at a future?

Arrogant, rude, demanding, and dreamy.
Amelia had had a crush on her stepbrother before she landed in his family. Will his downright lewd behavior be enough to destroy any feelings that she has for him or can they find a way to work past the animosity?

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Anthony “Blade” Santini wants a slice of Jules Walker the second he sees the beauty at Penny’s Bakery. Still, with the world of trouble following the Steele Riders, he knows it’s not safe for her. As much as he’d love to be selfish and seal her fate as his, he refuses to put her in danger.

What if pushing her away brings danger directly to her door? Will their relationship survive the hazardous situation they find themselves in, or will it crumble under the weight of their choices?

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Dean Jr.

My parents found love by chance, and now I’ve done the same. For years I watched their love and craved the same thing for myself. Unfortunately, the girl I’ve fallen for is out of reach. One year of insane torture, and she’ll be mine. Can I hold out that long, or will she tempt me to break all the rules?


I’ve become the cliché: damsel in distress. Caught in a rainstorm without a ride home when my white knight rolls up to the rescue, and of course, I’ve fallen madly in love with him. He’s my best friend’s brother. Another check for the cliché department, and yet, I’m getting the feeling that he’s falling too.

This is Dean Jr.’s story from the Say Uncle Doggy Style book.

Obsessed Alpha Series

Stone C.M. Steele
Graham C.M. Steele
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