In a mad dash to get through her hectic sweaty morning and make it to work on time, Violet finds herself struck by...a limo.
Dazed but mostly unharmed, she's surprised when the passenger in the limo swoops her up and is shirtless.

What kind of limo did she collide with?

Pain and agony strikes Micah when he sees his little Violet in the middle of the street. Not even the third degree burn on his chest matters as he rushes to tend to her.

This is a fast-paced romance like all in the Gimme Series.

Finally Devin and Jamie from LOVE BITES get their story!

One look at Jamie Marshall, and I knew she was meant to be mine.

One look at me, and she dismissed my existence, but finally, she caved.

Now only if I could keep her claws retracted long enough for her to fall in love with me, I’d be the luckiest man alive.


The second Devin Malcolm wormed his way under my skin, I knew I’d never stop wanting him. Unfortunately, his profession as a Marine Biologist and Shark expert forced us apart. I hated the smell of the ocean and it called him out for months at a time.


Could I force him to choose me or the sea, or would he make that decision on his own?


*This a fast pace romance with a hot happily ever after.


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Guarding Hope C.M. Steele

After running away from his heritage, former District Attorney Gage Gibson returned to his roots —cattle ranching.

Things were running smoothly…in fact, much better than he expected, but a quick lunch with some of his law enforcement buddies changed everything. Gage got himself a stalker, a sexy stalker at that. He’d left their get together missing something but decided it was best to forget the red-headed beauty. 

Running scared, Hope Cummings had to get out of Texas and away from the man who helped make her and the man he sold her freedom to. Ducking and dodging people including an insanely hot cowboy, she found herself trapped like a rat.
With nowhere to run, she’d given her trust to the handsome stranger. 

Gage wouldn’t take her safety lightly; he’d guard her with his life.

With their second child on the way, Hope and Gage felt like life was almost perfect. The cattle ranch became profitable after its first year, and his employees were happy. All they needed was to get Baxter Cummings’s trial over. As the days moved closer to the actual trial date, the case began to unravel. With that went their safety and sanity. 

Willing to do anything to protect his family, Gage employed even more guards, but would it be enough? 

Could they survive Cummings's deadly intentions? Or would they lose their forever?

Protecting Macy C.M. Steele

Protecting Macy

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She was running from her past.

He was unsure of his future.

Richer than sin, Sean Cavanaugh had it all, and yet, he chased the dream of being a homicide detective like his father had been. When merit and effort failed, he decided to change his path.
He had one last day on the job...

Macy Garcia lived in a trailer park with dreams of getting out. All her life she's wanted a bit of security and peace—doing everything she can to find it—until a little bit of speeding gets her into a world of trouble.

Like many high-speed chases, this one ended with a crash. Their worlds collide and it's an explosion neither was prepared for.

Could Macy get away or would Sean catch her?

Would she even want to run?

Would he let her try?

This is a full-length novel filled with romance, passion, and danger.


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