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Mr. Hardwick will deal with his new assistant as he sees fit.

She wasn’t his to begin with, but knowing she wasn’t in his reach had been too much. Now that he had her just feet away, how could he make her his without sending her running to human resources?

A hint of attraction is all he needed to claim what had been on his mind from the moment she called out his name and took away his pain.
My Flower is the 3rd standalone in A Dirty Boss Romance Series.


Gabriel: She’s a temptation I shouldn’t want, yet the bad girl has a habit of tormenting me daily. Sure, I don’t need to linger, but I do. I’m supposed to be pet sitting for my mother, but all I want is the gorgeous Cat next door.

Catherine: He’s here to watch his mother’s cat, but I want him to pet me. Still, he refuses, and it’s almost time for him to say goodbye, so I send him off with a parting gift…except the only thing parting is my thighs.

Welcome to a filthy dirty summer! Drop it like it’s hot with your 17 favorite instalove authors! Each stand-alone story delivers a scorching, fantasy-fueled romance! No need to pack a swimsuit—your kindle is all you need for a wet and wild summer!


Julien: After going through numerous candidates, I’ve found the best baker to work alongside me. Marilyn Shaw's baked goods are works of art that rival my own. She bakes the most delicious desserts, but I don’t want them. I want her.

Marilyn: I could have my own bakery if I wanted, and my older brother would have it set up for me in a heartbeat. The problem is that I have something to prove. I’m not a spoiled girl who gets everything her brother throws her way, but people have always assumed it, so I’ve worked tirelessly to get perfect grades in my pastry program. Now, to show off my skills in a bakery. The only problem is everyone believes I got the job by sleeping with my new boss. And I am…

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I spotted her lurking around my ranch with curious eyes, beautiful whiskey-colored eyes. I couldn’t just let her go around being too nosy without making introductions. Her lie doesn’t fool me for a second, but she tries hard, and unfortunately for her, I’m going to test the strength of her little fib. After all, the town has had enough trouble for a lifetime, and I have to stay on my guard, so that’s the ruse I’ll play with. I’ll do whatever it takes to wrangle that Angel.

Sneaking onto the ranch had been easy, or so I believed, but I’d been caught out instantly. From the tip of his hat down to his boots, the hottest cowboy I’d ever seen had trapped me in a massive lie. I’d never been so flustered, and now I had only two options: let the cat out of the bag or run.

Can this cowboy rustle up his beauty before she escapes his clutches?

This is the tenth book in the Steele Riders MC Series!

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Going away to college was supposed to be a way to escape overbearing men trying to claim me. Still, I ran right into the king of security, thinking I could get past his guards.

I strolled into his party uninvited, thinking I’d had the upper hand. I was sorely mistaken, deliciously sore—and craving more. Landon Black sees, takes, and retains. The thing is, I need his possessiveness.
I want to be his only obsession.
And I quickly learn that I am.

My wicked little sneak strolled into my world, and now I can’t ever let her go. I’ve never expected to let anyone in, but the second I see her, I know Lara Reynolds will be Lara Black before she knows it. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who has eyes on my girl, but they’ll learn quickly that I haven’t gotten to where I am by giving up on what I desire.
And Lara’s my greatest obsession.

Stone C.M. Steele

Obsessed Alpha Series

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Graham C.M. Steele
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