As the President of the Steele Riders Motorcycle Club, Garrett “Boomer” Steele is used to people following his command. No questions asked. As a former military man, he is dedicated, focused, and disciplined. Then in walks a fiery little beauty and all that goes out the window. He will do all he can to keep her as his. Even go to war to protect everything that belongs to him.

Crystal Miller’s just being the friend that Morgan needs when she runs into a bare-chested Boomer. He’s cocky, loving, and bossy as hell. Even though she’s one tough woman, she loves the way he needs to shield her from danger. And there’s plenty of it.

When trouble comes calling, can they stand together and survive, or will a big secret tear them apart?



“I’d die for you…”
As the “Princess” of the Steele Riders, Morgan Steele is untouchable. A mere tattoo artist isn’t worthy of her, but Mick’s going to do whatever he can to win her love.
Morgan wants her man and is going to do whatever she can to get Ewan “Mick” McMann to claim her body and soul.

With the glitz of the Las Vegas lights and men fighting for dominance, Mick can’t hold back any longer. They believe the only thing standing in their way is the President of the Riders, but life has a way of shredding happiness.

When a part of Morgan’s recent past comes to collect on unfinished business…Mick gets to prove his actions speak louder than words.


The second Penelope Banks stepped into his office, Jackson knew that she was trouble. She could fight it if she wanted to, but the lust in those baby blues said all he needed to know. Penny belonged to him. Now, all he had to do was claim her.

The second she stepped into Jackson Steele’s office, Penny knew he was trouble. The man had everything in one look that could take down a hoard of women: sexy, pure, raw appeal. If she was smart, she’d keep her distance. And she sure tried, but no one can fight their forever. 

Doc Cover.jpg


As a part of the Steele Riders, Dr. Joseph “Doc” Simmons knows that things aren’t easy for those in power. Being one of the most successful motorcycle clubs in the region, there’s always someone eager to dethrone, butcher, and bury them.

One of those very attempts on their existence led Sophia into Doc’s arms.

Sophia’s swept in and out of his life, and while young, he can’t deny the way she made him feel. From the second he meets her, he can't stop himself from wanting the fabled happily ever after. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work like that and trouble comes beating on their door, forcing Doc to push her away.

Can love last when the timing is all wrong?

Can they survive the danger constantly lurking around the corner?

Can he keep her safe?

The Riders aren’t above taking out threats, and that’s what the Doc will do to claim the woman he loves.

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A witness to a crime, Mary Stark lands herself in Steeleville, under the care and protection of DA William “Beast” Brandon and the Steele Riders.

Unbeknownst to her, she’ll be living with Beast until the trial. She’s been warned of his gruff and surly behavior when it comes to people invading his home and messing it up, but accidents happen.

Bad timing, a surprise arrival, no towels, and a lot of emotions gives one hell of a first impression for Beast and Mary.

The attraction instant.

The need constant.

They both feel the sizzling heat between them, but she’s under roof, and it would be unethical for him to stake his claim.

Can he hold out until the trial?

Will someone try to steal their happily ever after?



My last assignment.

The one I didn't want and my family begged me not to take, but I had to do what I could to make our town, our state, our country a little safer.

I had no idea that I'd walked into a trap set up by some of the deadliest men in the world.

My vision had gone black as I faced the end of my life.

All the regrets, all the love I'd miss out on.


I sent up a prayer and made my peace with my fate. I hoped my friends would seek retribution and care for my siblings.

My eyes opened, and everything had changed. Was it all a cruel dream, or was I in heaven? Either way, I wanted my angel to stay with me throughout eternity.


Now I was back from the dead and out for revenge. Those who tried to bury me in the depths had best watch out because a Ghost was coming for them.


This is the sixth book in the Steele Riders MC.


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Sometimes a mother does know best.

Simon “Wrench” West has been hounded by his matchmaking mother for the past eight months to meet the woman she knows is perfect for him. In those eight months, he’s never encountered the woman and starting to think his mom has lost her mind until a broken down car finds his mystery girl on the back of his bike.

Head back to Steeleville for this quick Insta-love Romance.


Anthony “Blade” Santini wants a slice of Jules Walker the second he sees the beauty at Penny’s Bakery. Still, with the world of trouble following the Steele Riders, he knows it’s not safe for her. As much as he’d love to be selfish and seal her fate as his, he refuses to put her in danger.

What if pushing her away brings danger directly to her door? Will their relationship survive the hazardous situation they find themselves in, or will it crumble under the weight of their choices?