Elizabeth Hendricks

Elizabeth Hendricks is my alter-ego for short erotic stories with little to no conflict with sex-filled pages.

Grant Turner is an alpha shifter looking for his mate. Something calls him to the Edge every day and night. He has no idea why, but he has to go there.

Gracie Graves is his mate—his human mate. She's out on a hiking trip with the least outdoorsy female possible, her sister. Her sister disappeared and as she searched for her she lost her way. What was she going to do with the night fast approaching?

When he saw that she was lost in his world, all grant thought was well...Finders Keepers.


Grayson Walker gets the shock of his life when his father forces his hand in marriage...from the grave.

Skye Reynolds has no clue why she was summoned to the will reading, but it turned out that dreams come true. She was marrying the man she who she'd secretly fallen in love with.

Claiming, breeding and owning is what Grayson has in mind for his new sexy wife. After all, it was in the contract.

What neither of them expected was for him to fall madly in love with her.

When life throws you a curveball, sometimes you have to step back and re-evaluate your life.

Jaxon got a scare of a lifetime and needed to learn how to relax. What's better for relaxing than taking a nice vacation? How about meeting the woman of your dreams?

Danielle got her life uprooted because of her younger sister's foolish decision. Knowing that life can sidetrack you, she decided a tour of Europe would be an amazing way to get her mind back in order. So who knew that she would meet a man who would try to charm her panties off?

This is an insta-love, dirty and sweet novella.


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